We help you generate an XtraStream of income
without any financial outlay from your side.


Earn anything from R50 to R500 per referral.

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Do you want to earn XtraBucks?

Do you know people? Do they have need of goods and services?

Anyone can earn XtraBucks!

We help you generate an XtraStream of income without any financial outlay from your side.

Benefit from making connections

The businesses on our books are all local small businesses offering you an opportunity to earn a commission for connecting customers to their products and services.

A win-win for you, the business, the customer and for local community economic development.

Share info with friends

You share the info about our listed business to your networks and on successful completion of a sale we will pay CASH directly into your bank account.

The commission to you depends on the local small business and the type of products / services and price they charge. 

Example: Car Battery Business pays you R50 to R100 per battery sold.


Example of earning potential

10 Successful referals can earn you between R500 and R5,000, just by making the connections. No selling! No stockholding! No financial outlay. Just referals.

Example: Financial services business pays R100 to R200 for a successful referral.

Example: Real Estate / Car Dealer pays up to R500 per successful referral. 

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About Us

XtraBucks grew out of a many years of business consultancy and training of small business owners across the Western Cape. We have worked with, trained, developed and consulted with more than 10 000 business owners, since the early 1990's. 

A huge challenge for small businesses is still the element of access to market. Marketing, lead generation and sales is an ongoing struggle and can be a huge expense. With this in mind and the struggle of ordinary people to make XtraStreams of income we are offering this opportunity to local small businesses and to general community members like yourself to participate and earn XtraBucks as we buy local and grow the economy.

To create opportunities for anyone (regardless of their situation) to earn XtraBucks by
* establishing connections that benefit all parties
* refering friends, family, colleagues and anyone in their network
* participating in economic activity that ensures a return without any financial outlay

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